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"Accept nothing but Perfection"

Taping Perfection

    Operating under 9791132 CANADA INC.


Service 1


With over 22,000 hours of work experience in Custom Homes, Commercial and Basements, you are guaranteed top quality service.

Taping Perfection will provide the best products and services at a competitive price using proper techniques and professional experience that will create a drywall finish that will meet and exceed all client expectations. We are also covered through Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) and have Liability Insurance.

Service 2

Ceiling Stucco Removal

Whether your stucco ceiling (textured ceiling) is painted or not, we are able to make it smooth like glass using the best products and proper technique with a virtual flawless finish. 

Service 3

Professionally Finished Basement

Starting from Design, Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall Boarding, Taping/Mudding, Flooring and Painting, all work is done by certified and/or licensed tradesmen. Therefore, your basement is professionally constructed leaving you peace of mind that the work was done the right way.

Service 4

Patch Repair

Whether you need a small or big patch repair, after we've worked on it, you'll never know there was a hole.

Service 5

Crown or Cornice Moulding

Your home is your castle. Why not give it the look and feel of one without the cost. Cornice moulding is a cost effective method of beautifying not only one room, but the entire main floor of any home. Cornice moulding also creates an elegant transition in a traditionally boring part of any room. In doing so, almost any room is converted into an opulent space conveying a sense comfort and warmth. We use a high quality product that will never warp or shrink, at a price that will keep more money in your wallet. The foam base and plaster shell keeps the cornice moulding light and makes installation easy. Our wide selection of cornice moulding profiles practically guarantees that you’ll find the design to match the look you seek, no matter your style.